Message from CEO

CEO Hideumi Akizawa

WIN-Partners was formed as a result of the merger of two medical device distributors, WIN INTERNATIONAL and TESCO in April 2013. Our group has been focusing on minimally invasive medical treatment since the technology started, expecting patients' early recovery with lower physical burden.

As medical technology is making rapid progress, we constantly update the latest technology and products to turn any market change into opportunities, aiming at sustainable growth. We strive to support medical professionals to offer best medical service for patients and to improve people's quality of life.

Japan is facing rising national medical expenses therefore we believe that further peneratration of minimally invasive medical treatments is one of the solutions to control expenses. Minimally invasive treatments involving fewer incisions ensure to reduce patients' physical burden and hospitalization period, which contribute to improving the operational efficiency of medical institutions as well.

Our mission is to provide high quality of medical business while controlling national medical expenses, and contributing to improve everyone's quality of life, medical technology and the medical industry efficiency. Under a holding company strucutre, we strive to increase partner companies in our group and expand enterprise value continuously. We sincerely appreciate your interest in WIN-Partners group and your continued support and encouragement.